MW Technical Operations assist you with all aspects of cost evidence, play a transversal management role between entire company and stakeholders


Key Budget services include

  • Projection of cost effective budget schedule
  • Undertake, analyse and interpret complex financial data to ensure all operations, expenditures and cash management are captured within a budget
  • Ensure manpower costs are capture accurately as a part of the work packages
  • Present a monthly, quarterly, annual budget and reports in front of the management
  • Experience of using various softwares within budget, procurement and finance


Key Forecasting services include

  • Design a dashboard to track and monitor a forecast
  • Using a relevant forecasting technique to establish and review a forecast
  • Forecasting Guideline’s designated for department and entire company include a clear instructions and financial jargon are described in a plain terms
  • Identify variances, annualised actual costs and commitments
  • Implement the Excel Master Tracker including advances formulas, pivot table and charts

Project Cost Control

Key Project Cost Control services include

  • Data analysis based on the range of cost software’s
  • Actual cost of work performed & actual costs reports overview
  • Development and implementation of Financial Cycle within a Drumbeat Planning Schedule
  • Final account analysis
  • Claim back VAT costs unless applicable and reflect a challenges within a budget

Process Improvement

Key Process Improvement services include

  • Presenting EVM, goals and results in front of the Head of Department
  • Developing a committed plan and presenting progress and results in front of management
  • Designing a monthly scorecard for the entire department
  • Provide a project assessment status updates, tracking and reporting a financial benefit
  • Clear vision of cost reduction and increase productivity for department

Finance Health Check

Daily updates to ensure appropriate  cost effective item and work package are considered.

How I can help with a daily task?

  • Key Performance Index (KPI) Current  Month & End of Year (EoY) view of the Forecast
  • Cumulative position of current month/YtD/EoY
  • Adjustments of the Forecast
  • Budget availability vs expenditures review
  • Review of Open POs Commitments

Accountability package

  • Current month Variances in Value (%) all of the programmes & projects
  • Overspend and Underspend against Budget
  • Spend analysis by Vendor

Actuals review

  • Understand impact on the Forecast costs profile which scope of work move and why and what was the impact on the cost profile

Review of the Business Case

  • Validate consumer project accounting document for each of the programme to prevent overspend the Budget
  • Ensure of the accuracy of the Financial Impact
  • Ensure of the accuracy of the Work Breakdown Structure
  • Forecast Variances Threshold Overview
  • Forecast  Variances
  • Project Validation
  • Consumer Project Accounting Documents review for each of the programme and each of the project
  • Open PO Commitments review
  • GRN review
  • Consumer Project Accounting Document validation
  • Accrual review

Forecast v Actuals overview

  • Current month variance value (%)
  • Cumulative variance value
  • Current month variance value (%)
  • Cumulative variance value

Business Planning

  • Responsible to control, develop and monitor the Project Cost Control processes to ensure that all of the Project expenditures are captured promptly and recorded under the Roadmap
  • Provide Business Planning and Cost Controlling for all Projects and Programmes which includes reporting, creation of work breakdown structure (WBS) aligned with the SAP PM Nexus system
  • Technical review of the PMs Executive Plan Cases, ensuring that quotes are issued accordingly
  • Ensure that estimated cost are aligned with consumer Project activities listed based on the analysis of current year Budget Planning and long term Budget Planning
  • Maintain efficient process of new Project implementation and exploit effective reports by work breakdown structure (WBS) to enable track and monitor the status of the purchases, still to be delivered and still to be invoiced values by Project
  • Provide Budget and Cost Planning advices to PMs according to the relevant Budget envelope long term planning structures implemented from the Project Control perspective
  • Create the monthly movement report and month end report for the monitoring all of Projects items on a daily basis and generate dashboard to monitor overall trend
  • Work with PMs and delivery teams to provide accurate spend forecasts on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis to ensure spend is predictable
    Co-ordinate between Design, Planning, Delivery and Finance to ensure Budget is aligned to demand and spend is prioritised accordingly
  • Work with PMs and delivery teams to perform Project costings throughout the governance steps and create Project cost reporting on a weekly and monthly basis to ensure that expenditures are within the Budget
  • Chairing Project Control Board (PCB) governance meeting and prepare the Project Control minuted report  to reflect the Budget transfer and Budget release enquiries
  • Chairing the Forecast review meetings with PMs to ensure all of the expenditures are captured within the Roadmap
  • Create a Budget Planning spreadsheets and implement the costs within change management procedures to ensure that Cost Control change process are managed effectively