Project Control in Bristol

For any Bristol-based business owner, it is extremely important to have accurate project estimates and financial project budgets to enable you to deliver your project effectively on a budget.

However, estimating costs and working out project budgets can be a nightmare task for most busy Bristol company owners, especially if they cannot afford to employ a full-time in-house financial controller.

Without keeping a careful eye on your project running costs, you are likely to fall foul of your budget with some costs running away with you. This doesn’t bode well for your company, especially if you went through a bidding process to land the project and you need to deliver the job on-budget and still make a profit for your company on top.

How MW Technical Operations can help

MW Technical Operations offers a range of cost-effective services to Bristol-based business owners to help them better manage their finances, cut operational costs, and increase their bottom-line.

We can help you by measuring and analysing your business performance for similar projects that you have previously handled. We can then use the data to forecast costs for your new project and look at a way to make effective savings without compromising the results.

We will also be able to monitor and administer your project costs to a set schedule and monitor costs to ensure they stay on track. Through this analysis, you will be able to see that your project is progressing and will be delivered on-budget. Should any hiccups happen along the way, you will be able to take corrective action quickly with minimal disruption to your project schedule.

Project forecasting

Your project forecast will give you a snapshot of the future performance of your project. The data used to create your forecast is based on your previous performance, and we will also take a critical look at your business procedures to see where efficiencies can be made to cut costs or save time.

Project forecasting will also equip you to take action should your project be delayed. We will be able to determine the degree of delay, enable you to investigate the causes and what corrective actions to take to remedy the delay, helping to get your project back on track with minimal disruption.

Helping you get back on track

It is worth contacting us at MW Technical Operations should your current project become delayed or is performing over-budget and you are worried that costs are going to spiral out of control.

The delay in the progress of your project or its unexpected increasing costs could be down to either poor project financial planning or unrealistic project budgets. We can use a type of variance analysis to compare your expected project performance to the actual cost performance. You will then be able to see the cause for your project delay, the degree of variance, and we can advise corrective actions to take to help your project get back on track and get back in control of your project finances.

Find out more about our project cost control services or contact us to discuss your needs. We are here to support the Bristol business community.